Parent Coaching

Parenting is hard, often baffling work. It is the job of the growing child to push away and seek independence, and it is the job of the parent to continue to protect and nurture the child, while at the same time learning to let go.

These conflicting goals, combined with the mental and biological changes children undergo, create the potential for great conflict. For many parents, navigating the school system and being an advocate for their child adds yet another layer of challenge to an already tumultuous transition. At Empowering Scholars, we don’t just work with students; we work with families. We help parents learn how to support their children with academic and behavioral concerns, and we work with parents and kids to strengthen their relationships and reduce conflict.

In addition, some of our tutors act as parent coaches through the evaluation and IEP process. We walk parents through the long and often confusing process of requesting an evaluation for suspected learning disabilities, we help them understand the results of achievement testing, and we provide essential tips for reducing stress and advocating for their child.


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“I’ve always been highly impressed by the rigor and cohesion of Eliza’s curriculum work. The units and lessons she designs are intellectual and engaging for her students, and highlight her instructional leadership. That’s just one reason I’ve been so pleased for Eliza to work as a coach with our aspiring teachers at Boston University.”

-Scott Seider, Associate Professor of Education, Boston University

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