Executive Functioning and Productivity Coaching for Adults

Executive Functioning and Productivity Coaching for Adults

What We Do

We provide executive functioning and productivity coaching for adults. Working with us will give you tools to feel better about your life, lower your stress, and become more successful, confident, and productive. Our coaches are specialists in human learning and development, and we have expertise in supporting both neurotypical and neurodivergent adults as well as those with an ADHD diagnosis.

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How We Can Help

Whether you have come to us because you have occasional struggles with procrastination, organization, and time management, or because you have a diagnosis that impacts your executive functioning, our coaches will help you develop strategies and routines to function more effectively in your daily life. With support from our team, you will create systems for long-term success at work, at home, and in relationships.

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What to Expect

In your initial consultation, we focus on understanding your strengths, goals, and challenges. As we work with you, we will help you build tools in:

  • Planning: set goals, anticipate challenges, and break big tasks into small steps
  • Organization: develop systems for tracking information and tasks
  • Time management: overcome procrastination and improve focus and attention
  • Lifestyle: streamline your routines to manage stress and become more productive
  • Mindset: build cognitive skills to increase confidence and work more effectively
  • Parenting: reduce conflict and strengthen your relationships

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