Executive Functioning & ADHD Coaching

Many students come to us facing challenges with their focus, organization, and other executive skills. We coach students with or without formal diagnoses and help them develop an individualized toolkit of strategies they can use to become more consistent and regulated in their work habits at home and at school. Our executive functioning and ADHD coaching can be the sole focus of our work with a student, or it can be integrated with tutoring in academic content areas. Follow the links below to read more about our services. 

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Executive Functioning Coaching

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ADHD Coaching

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Study Skills


“I’ve always been highly impressed by the rigor and cohesion of Eliza’s curriculum work. The units and lessons she designs are intellectual and engaging for her students, and highlight her instructional leadership. That’s just one reason I’ve been so pleased for Eliza to work as a coach with our aspiring teachers at Boston University.”

-Scott Seider, Associate Professor of Education, Boston University

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